Why create your own Website? #SocialMediaToday

31Since social media is such a big influence to share / collaborate / educate and to sell product and services – it would be crazy not to have a social platform to engage with your target audience about the services you provide.  I found when working for other businesses and working their facebook / and twitter accounts, I was promoting and driving traffic, “Likes” “Followers” to their fan pages and because I have a large personal network – I would ask my friends and fans to follow the places I have worked… but after leaving those work places my fans still continued to follow them – yes I provided those businesses with more followers / likes – but what was in it for me now that I left that company.

I came up with the idea – why not set up my own Website and drive traffic this way.. I keep my own fan base and I tell them privately where I work so they can come see me personally. Yes I’m in Sales and I make base + commission – it only makes sense, that I would help my customers personally.

West Coast Wedding Services is a Network Team of Professionals. Bridal Sales, Photographers, Video Services,  Make-up Artists and Event Planning.  This team collaborates and we all win win by referring business back to each other. It makes total sense that at the end of the day – your social network engages with you instead of the business you work for. Be the brand ambassador of the place you work at and set up your own social media platform. #SocBiz #Sales #Service

Come visit our website and collaborate – http://loganmanzer.wix.com/west-coast-wedding

Photo Credit – Jennifer Logan-Manzer
Models – Dorothy Yeung & Merv Sibs



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West Coast Wedding Services

Amy1 It was back in 2012 after a great run with IBM and IKON – 15+ years working in “Sales Operations” supporting sales teams,  I had to re-think my career again after re-bounding from a lay-off  – I took some time off from corporate life and had to look at my future career choices. I did some temp assignments and looked at a few opportunities, but nothing I was passionate about.

Yes I made lots of money but it comes with a price.. you have to report to a controlling manager or bullies. It was in 2014 that I came up with a plan and something I loved doing –  being married and dream weddings and my boss is my customers… I targeted all the Bridal Shops in my area, knocking on doors – no emails – no phone calls. I was hired on as a Bridal Sales Consultant, but I wanted to go further… in 2015 I partnered up with photographers, make up artists, event planners and started our new web site of net-worker’s – it took me over 20 + hours to test it and add photos, and it’s still inAmy production. Now I work on Bridal Row in New Westminster, BC – and have a great team that has skills in all area’s.

This is my dream job …. and if we win the lottery I will continue my mission to helping young brides find their perfect wedding dress. #SYTTD – but my husband wants to retire 😉

Here is our website http://loganmanzer.wix.com/west-coast-wedding

Photo Credit – Jennifer Logan-Manzer
Model – Amy Sharon Manzer



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Selfie Mirror Sticker Giveaway


We constantly see our friends posting selfies of themselves while on vacation, hanging out with friends, doing fun activities, working out etc. When we see this, we subconsciously think “wow, that person has an exciting life and does all sorts of cool things…” right?

Taking selfies has become so common that it’s now uncommon if someone doesn’t. Typically, people take multiple selfies and only post the best one (some post them all) on a personal level I don’t take selfies – I much prefer someone else taking my photograph, but hey that’s me.

That all being said about people wanting to take photo’s of themselves (the #Selfie)  –  the  mirror sticker enhances your selfie photo in a panoramic view.  Do you want to try it?

Even more exciting, I have ten stickers to give away to some lucky readers! All you have to do to enter this giveaway is like this post and/or follow two or more of Selfie Mirror Sticker’s social media pages listed here: Also here is a link to buy on line for your friends and family http://selfiemirrorsticker.com/


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In the eyes of the be-holder……

33Building your modeling career and portfolio takes time, effort and dedication. A model must be self-confident and resilient to navigate the fashion industry. Confidence and a strong-will are the best weapons of self defense in this high-paced, ever evolving and fiercely competitive modeling world, and with so many photographers also wanting to take a leading edge for that right photo to build up their portfolios – you need to target your audience.

Being a model you  have to be prepared to withstand long hours with fashion coordinators, directors or in a photo studio, while keeping a positive and helpful attitude. Nobody wants to work with a model who makes the j53aob more difficult with negativity – or feels uncomfortable photographing.  So do you have what it takes??

Our model Amy in this shoot was amazing, it was cold outside, early morning photo shoot and she had to work several hours in the elements, but she was positive and eager to be placed in several different poses on the ground and in the water.

If you want to succeed in the modelling business you have to put your heart and mind into it. However, keep in mind that the professional cycle of a model can be extremely short lived unless you work on promotions and marketing,  like sports you will have retire at some point. So enjoy the race by living it passionately.

Model – Amy Sharon Manzer
Makeup and Hair Coordinator  – Laura Taylor
Photo’s Jason Hone Photography / 2nd shooter Jennifer Logan-Manzer
Creative Directors – Britt Morrison / Jennifer Logan-Manzer


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A Love Story …. her name is Venus

Gone are the days of traditional men proposing to women.. Here’s a story worth sharing. A gal came into the bridal shop, her name was Venus. She was a fun girl and oozed of excitement about getting married. I asked her when she got engaged and the date of her wedding?? She said I haven’t decided yet, but I have to get my dress. I’m planning on some day in 2016. OK I said, so I started digging for more info to help her with the selection process and asked her about the Fiance’ – she said oh my boyfriend.. yes we have been together for 9 years “we live together” –  I’m going to buy my dress, propose to him this year –  and I already have the rings (her rings are from a recently passed on relative) she will be using those.

I loved how she took control and came in on her own to the bridal studio – and made a decision to end the live-in relationship and tie the knot. She bought the 2nd dress she tried on. I’ll tell you more later …………


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Etiquette – Shopping for a Bridal Gown

bridegoogleLooking for your wedding dress can be a very exciting and fun time for you as the bride. Wedding etiquette is associated with almost every aspect of your wedding, but what you may not be aware of is; “what is considered etiquette when it comes to shopping for your wedding gown?”


Wedding Salons are not like most retail stores, the dresses you see may be samples or sold off the rack that are delicate and expensive. If they being sold off the rack it’s important to handle with care, make up transfers, stepping on gown, or tossing on the floor after you have tried it on is not respectful. Some gal will be wearing this one day.  The majority of wedding gown boutiques, do not accept walk-ins, so you will most likely have to make an appointment with the store. What you may not realize is that having an appointment is better for you and your bridal consultant because it means you will have all of her attention while you’re in the store looking for and trying on gowns.


Before you call to make an appointment with a salon, consider the styles, look and budget restrictions you have. When you are greeted by your consultant she may ask you questions about your wedding, such as date, where it will be held, what dresses you have tried on if any, and whether did you had any favorites. These questions from the consultant are not meant to be disrespectful, but to help narrow down your search for the perfect dress.

Most sales consultants spend a minimum of 1.5 hours of their time with you helping to select your dress, it is not like buying a pair of shoes in a local store. The first hour would be used to select different styles and the last 1/2 hour would be used to measure your bust / waist / hips and finalize a contract for your dress to be ordered.. dresses can take up to 6 months + to be ordered – be prepared. Be courteous and contact your consultant to tell them if you have found another dress elsewhere.

Tips and Etiquette:

Some brides tend to think that their shopping excursion is their own personal photo shoot and time to spend quality time with their shopping buddies. One of the primary misconceptions brides have is that they can take a camera along to document their dress fashion show. Most bridal boutiques do not permit photos to be taken of the gowns in order to prohibit brides from copying styles and having their dress designs made elsewhere. But with Social Media / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest we are starting to see new developments in allowing some limited photos.

Final Words to help you with your shopping…….

Have fun, bring your mom or sister and limit your entourage to selected members.  You want your dress to be a surprise – once everyone has seen you try your dress on at the salon the mystery is out xo


Jennifer Logan-Manzer
Bridal Sales Consultant

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#5 Tips – How to shop for your Wedding Dream Dress

8Step 1) Pick your venue before your dress or pick your dress before your venue –  that is the question??…. it takes up to a year to book a venue. So my advice is pick the venue first –  If you choose a beach wedding or barn yard rustic wedding you want to make sure your dress suits the style.

Step 2) Find a trusting Bridal Sales Consultant through a referral, or recommendation. They will work for you and provide above and beyond customer experience.

Step 3) Limit your entourage to trusting positive family that will support your choice.

Step 4) 9 months out – pick your dress and make a decision and purchase, you may be disappointed if your choice is no longer available from the designer – (true story)

Step 5) Now that you have your dress – choose your accessories, brides maids, flowers, etc….. xo

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