Behind the Scenes – Real Life of a Bridal Fashion Consultant

Would love to share the good, the bad, and the ugly about our jobs as Bridal Fashion Consultants.  I have done allot of market re-search over the last 2 years with other bridal shop owners on the West Coast of British Columbia – Canada. Also studied behaviour and customer testimonials across the board with reviews.

Here are some of the write ups and challenges with our industry and Social Media Today.

  1. Everything we read on-line can be helpful or destructive to business owners.
  2. Ladies will rant about their bridal experience on line with other brides – comparing shops and giving their opinions.
  3. As a consultant – we value our expertise in the industry and we offer guidance and helpful advice. Sometimes the entourage will challenge our expertise making our jobs insignificant.
  4.  High expectations from brides to be… we understand the stress – I’m also married and have shared the experience – weddings and gowns should not be stressful. It’s about sharing your life with your significant other.
  5. Brides will often refer to it as MY wedding.. why MY wedding?? – where is your partner in this decision.
  6. Drama Brides or Bridezilla – it’s true you can say yes to the dress, but really its only a dress. The fact are you are getting married and your partner will love you for you not the dress.
  7. Dress to Impress – when did this become such a factor and approval. Why do we need opinions – it’s your dress why are so many brides asking for “approval” what you should wear.
  8. Feeling comfortable… it’s better to feel good then to look good or it’s better to look good then to feel good??
  9. Why are so many brides writing bad reviews on Social Media on all the bridal sites yes there are great reviews but you will see allot of RANTING Brides – because they had a bad experience at a bridal shop. Please say good things to those who helped you. Stressing over service goes both ways.
  10. FINAL Thoughts – remember folks no matter what dress / suit  you show up in.. it doesn’t matter what others think except your partner – life is too short to stress over the dress. #SayYesToTheDress #NoStressToTheDress #ItsJustADress


Photo of our Wedding 09/09/09  Mr. and Mrs. Logan-Manzer


Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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