In the eyes of the be-holder……

33Building your modeling career and portfolio takes time, effort and dedication. A model must be self-confident and resilient to navigate the fashion industry. Confidence and a strong-will are the best weapons of self defense in this high-paced, ever evolving and fiercely competitive modeling world, and with so many photographers also wanting to take a leading edge for that right photo to build up their portfolios – you need to target your audience.

Being a model you  have to be prepared to withstand long hours with fashion coordinators, directors or in a photo studio, while keeping a positive and helpful attitude. Nobody wants to work with a model who makes the j53aob more difficult with negativity – or feels uncomfortable photographing.  So do you have what it takes??

Our model Amy in this shoot was amazing, it was cold outside, early morning photo shoot and she had to work several hours in the elements, but she was positive and eager to be placed in several different poses on the ground and in the water.

If you want to succeed in the modelling business you have to put your heart and mind into it. However, keep in mind that the professional cycle of a model can be extremely short lived unless you work on promotions and marketing,  like sports you will have retire at some point. So enjoy the race by living it passionately.

Model – Amy Sharon Manzer
Makeup and Hair Coordinator  – Laura Taylor
Photo’s Jason Hone Photography / 2nd shooter Jennifer Logan-Manzer
Creative Directors – Britt Morrison / Jennifer Logan-Manzer



Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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