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Thank you for those who stopped by our booth at the Sapperton Festival this weekend.

#TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.

Citizen Advisory Committee = CAC

Correctional Service Canada = CSC

The Citizen Advisory Committee’s Goals:

  • To promote public knowledge and understanding of corrections through communication among offenders, CSC  staff and the public.
  • To contribute to the overall development of correctional facilities and programs.
  • To foster public participation in the correctional process.
  • To participate in developing community resources designed to support correctional programs.
  • To act as impartial observers.
  • To positively contribute to the development and implementation of new polices and programs through meaningful consultation.

Citizen Advisory Committee’s Values:

  • We believe that public safety must be the paramount consideration in the correctional process.
  • We respect the dignity of individuals, the rights of all members of society, and the potential for human growth and development.
  • We believe in the right of all citizens to become informed participants in the correctional process.
  • We believe that offenders have the potential to live as law abiding citizens.


  • CAC members are appointed for a minimum two-year period which may be renewed.
  • CAC members are local citizens who volunteer their time with the goal of making a difference in the criminal justice system.
  • Following the submission of an application, potential CAC members will be subject to an orientation and recommendation process prior to being appointed.

If you are interested in more visit this website >


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