Emergency Planning – http://www.getprepared.gc.ca/

disaster plan1Do you value your life and family?  are you prepared for a disaster? There are many types of disaster’s that can strike and leave you immobilized for hours or several days.  Have you taken steps and measures in putting together your emergency plan?.  Emergency plans should include safe exits, meeting places, contact persons, location of your fire extinguisher, water valves, gas, electrical boxes  – those are only a few.  Take some time and put your lists together. Also part of your planning is addressing  items like insurance policies & identification,  these items can be scanned and stored on a sky drive or flash stick, for access later.  .  You will also want to put together your “Grab & Go” bag or  “Emergency Kit”  – Here are a couple  quick links that you will find beneficial when putting together your planning.

Red Cross – http://www.redcross.ca/article.asp?id=33847&tid=001

Get Prepared – http://www.getprepared.gc.ca/index-eng.aspx

4-person | 3 day Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit –  http://www.costco.ca/4-person3-day-Emergency-Preparedness-Survival-Kit.product.10306303.html

These tips are here to encourage you and your family to put together your personal  plans  –

Be Safe …………….


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2 comments on “Emergency Planning – http://www.getprepared.gc.ca/
  1. Start with a basic survival kit, then add those things that would make life more bearable for you.

    He then discusses the parts of kits in chapters divided into these categories:
    Fire & Light, Signaling, Navigation, H2o & Meals, Shelter & Protection,
    Knives & Equipment, Medical related, Multi-Purpose Parts, and Miscellaneous Parts.
    I like that the writer stresses that you have to have
    to opt for the suitable parts for YOUR desires and how to package deal them for YOUR
    functions, not his.

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