Self Defense / are you Safe?

SafetyWe have been hearing allot through social media  the spike of violence over the years. It’s time for a refresher in self-defense.   I have taken a few self-defense classes in the past  and it has given me some perspective on preventive street smarts, especially when walking through parks, bus, train stations and in underground parking lots. Self Defense is a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills with safety strategies and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist and survive violent attacks. A good self-defense workshop can provide this to you.

The first thing that I was made aware of is to look at your surroundings, always walk with your head high, eyes alert and make sure you can hear things.  Don’t get distracted by your headset with music or a phone in your ear, you could be an easy target of being attacked or mugged.  I want to share this Hit & Run Self Defense Work Shop  that I found on line  this workshop provides information that could help you when you are confronted with a life or death situation – the location is in Vancouver, BC – Canada but I’m sure if you “Google”  Safety or Self Defense in your area a few of these work shops will pop up.

You and your family deserve to be confident, feel safe and live a happy life – all the best in 2013


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Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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