Balancing Work or School & Social Media Networking – Don’t Forget Your Day Job!

The important thing to do is to set up a daily schedule for yourself. As an example, I will use the schedule that I tend to follow. I wake up early and get to work early as well. This schedule should be modified to fit your daily routine. Generally, the boundaries of my day are 5AM and 9PM, and this gives me some buffer at night if I need it as well. I  also remember to put in a 30 min work out routine to jump-start the day.

Tip – Before going to work or school, have a cup of coffee/tea  or Pure Life Purified Water  with light breakfast and spend 30-45 minutes checking social media.

Do a quick tweet out for coffee break something news worthy that adds value to other people’s interests – While eating lunch, do a full scan of your social sites for about 30 minutes – catch up on the daily feeds with the news/ blog post etc..

Back to the day job or school depending on your schedule –

Also take note if you work for a company and use their computers. Consider getting your own device a smart phone / android / iPad  or additional laptop to be used for Social Networks.  – never use your  work laptop to view social sites unless you have permission. Use balance for  work & life.   Have a safe on-line presence and use Best Policy Practices or Social Business Guidelines when in doubt.

Here is one example for a list of company guidelines for reference –  do your homework folks and look for more

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One comment on “Balancing Work or School & Social Media Networking – Don’t Forget Your Day Job!
  1. Can’t I just drink a glass of water from the tap? Haha – just stirring. Seriously, you make a very good point and one that my wife would no doubt be very appreciative of you raising. I do tend to get myself in things, and follow all sorts of trails along the Social Media highway. Perhaps I need to have a timer that gives me a 5 minute warning so I can wrap things up.

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Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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