Modern Mentoring & Coaching Methods

A mentor can help you to access your needs and establish a development plan. Regular review meetings can then be arranged to consider progress and review learning. Knowing you have a forthcoming meeting helps you to focus on achieving targets!

At the beginning of 2011 –  I have been engaged with a Mentor/Coach who has helped me grow further in reaching my goals.  One of which is to “Communicate with Impact” .. and my recent activities boosting me to blog about it.  In all my years of Business & Personal achievements I have always reached out to a Teacher/Trainer/Elder/Instructor/Coach/Mentor to help me in my development and I encourage others to seek out as well in helping you in your success.

Whatever your particular needs are – go out and research for a mentor – check out their profile to see if you are suitable fit – If you are provided with a mentor through your employer then that is fine. However, sometimes you may find someone from outside more helpful. Your mentor does not have to be in the same profession as you, and at times you may have more than one mentor.

Go get the help you need for success  – Focus on 2012 to achieve new goals for development. If you want to live a happy life,  tie it to a goal,  not to people or things – Albert Einstein

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2 comments on “Modern Mentoring & Coaching Methods
  1. Michael Young says:

    Great recommendation. I hope to be finding some mentors/coaches to help me focus. Good point that the knowledge of “forthcoming meeting helps you to focus on achieving targets!”. Anything to help me focus has to be a good thing. Thanks for the advice.

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Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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