Tweet Tweet ~ Modern Manners on Social Networking

Are we practicing safe and positive profile exposure in Networking??  Would you say you’re putting out valuable and respectful comments, photos and sharing knowledge that is interesting to others?  Do you think twice about how it may be viewed to others on the content you are sharing??

Lets look on how we behave on the network.  I did a lot of lurking and studying before I started engaging and putting content out there. . At first I saw Friends, Associates and others  working the network and was amazed and alarmed at what was being flogged out there.. I was thinking OMG – do they see what I’m seeing and shutter at what is being broadcasted in public with the comments and photos people are posting.  It’s a  little embarrassing and frightening.  I also thought if my mother was to see this…Would she be proud?  I think allot about that before I broadcast.. What would others think before I post .. It’s very difficult to take back what is already done.

So for more advice in the Modern World.  Remember Networking will always remain out there..  your content will be your Legacy. How do you want people to foresee you?  and how do you want to be remembered?  Now that is something to Tweet about…..

NEXT EXIT – More Modern Advice


Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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