How are you using Social Networks?

More Buzz in Social Networks and how are you using them??

We briefed already about Facebook and how we should get more education to the younger generation and yes – even us older folks need to be on board with the social graciousness of being polite on line, this means showing respect to all users  and watching what we post doesn’t come back and haunt us  for loosing an opportunity.   Some students haven’t even got their first jobs and with some of the negative  social behavior on line it may prevent them from finding future  opportunities,  this goes for us working folks that already are employed.  Be mindful who is watching your posts…. Really I can’t stress this one enough. I’ve seen people in business really do a number on themselves.  Make sure you are reading your company policy / guidelines and a little common sense goes a long ways..

Here is also a tidbit on Linkedin.  This is not just for posting your resume on line.  Some  professionals are not tuned in to the value the tool actually does.  Linkedin is for building a positive on line  reputation,  showcasing your achievements and goals,  connecting with like minded individuals. Giving recommendations and seeking opportunities in Career/Volunteer and Investments…. a valueable tool that over 120 million users can’t be wrong.

While your at it… your on-line presence.  Would your mother be proud. 🙂

Next Exit – More positive Work/Balance tips


Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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