Get Schooled ~ Teaching the Facebook Generation

The more I read and listen on the topics of Social Networks  –  and we are talking Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin & now Google+ I’m puzzled by the  lack of education in schools on how to set up these profile networks.

For example on Facebook – when you initially set up your account – do you set up your security /privacy settings immediately ??   My discovery has been that students  in junior/secondary and college are  not being taught in school the benefits of these social tools.  Instead they are being banned from using Facebook during school hours – can this be true??? Rather than discouraging facebook from being used in today’s educational systems  – should we not be providing the benefits of using the tool? Students can use it to share knowledge, make network contacts, plan sporting events/organize fund raisers/raise awareness.  How about uploading your vacation photos and putting them in folders so only certain people can view them rather then broadcasting all photos for the public to see…Do they teach you that? hmmm…instead they are banned from using in school and we are seeing more  inappropriate photos being posted more feeds with unnecessary comments about nothing that brings value …. maybe we need more education here so we can see some improvement on social skills and behavior.

I’m hoping we will make changes on how  ” Social Networking” can improve communication and not ban the tools from schools.    Maybe us adults need to get educated on Facebook too… Its not just students making social media faux pas…

Lets get Schooled – Next Lesson – Next Exit


Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Bridal and Fashion Consultant - Social Media Marketing

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