Fashion Police

Have you, or anyone you know, ever been disciplined  or reprimanded because of what you wore in public or work place? What happened, and how did you feel about it?

So who are those fashion police experts?? and what gives the authoritative knowledge of how your should dress in comparison to what they are wearing?

In your opinion, who gets to decide about matters of dress code? For 20+ years I have been following fashion forward. I have seen trends come and go, and I have a unique style in comparison to what those would think is appropriate.

It’s important to know which trends work and which don’t though; for example, skinny jeans might flatter you whereas boot cut jeans are just plain ugly on you. It is important to be a trendsetter, and follow your personal style and nobody else. 

Get yourself a reputation as a trendsetter – Add accessories. From necklaces to earrings or rings to bracelets. You can add color and pizzazz  to any outfit with accessories.

Most of all be you…. 



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It’s Wedding Season – Love is in the air!!!

Spring marks the kick-off to wedding season, when every weekend may be filled with celebrations for future brides and grooms, or the big day itself.

Weddings are a re-union of 2 individuals that want to spend the rest of their lives together as partners.

Source >>> from NOH8 noh8

On November 4, 2008 Proposition 8 passed in California, amending the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. The defeat provoked a groundswell of initiative within the GLBT community at a grassroots level, with many new political and protest organizations being formed in response.

The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world, with “NOH8” painted on one cheek in protest.

Seven years since its inception, the NOH8 Campaign has grown to over 55,000 faces and continues to grow at an exponential rate. The campaign began with portraits of everyday Californians from all walks of life and soon rose to include politicians, military personnel, newlyweds, law enforcement, artists, celebrities, and many more from across the globe.

While inspired by the passage of Prop 8 and the fight for marriage equality, the scope of the NOH8 Campaign has grown to stand against discrimination and bullying of all kinds. The message of ‘No Hate’ can be interpreted and applied broadly, and everyone can relate to the message of NOH8 in their own way.

The NOH8 Campaign has received overwhelming support from around the world, and has appeared in various local and national news programs and publications. The images are widely used on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to proudly show support for equal rights.

To date, NOH8 Campaign has hosted official photo shoots in 48 of the 50 United States (plus D.C.) and 20 countries around the world. While our work continues here in the US, we must not forget that there are still places around the world where simply being who you are means living in fear for your life every single day. Our mission to promote love, acceptance and respect for all human beings will continue in pursuit of #NOH8Worldwide.




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Wedding Season Begins 2017

The peak time for engagements to happen is during the Christmas Holidays – Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and another round on Valentines Day – Spring marks the beginning of wedding season when the planning begins.

After the engagement, most brides tend to start their journey looking for venues, decorators, caterers, wedding gowns, photographers, make-up artists and music. The best place to find and connect with those vendors is at a Wedding Show, and Vancouver, BC has some of the Biggest Weddings Shows on the West Coast.

Experts believe the most popular months for weddings is between May – Oct, and why not, generally the weather proves favorable for outdoor and indoor ceremonies and pictures.

Are you looking for the perfect wedding, do you need help in planning your big day with you and your fiance’ my advise is to join facebook groups, ask questions, ask for discounts, do your on-line research. Most of all have fun planning…..

Reach out to Lucy Chan Ng – expert planner and decorator and of course myself when choosing your wedding gown.

You can reach us both at

Let us WOW your Wedding !!


Left – Lucy Chan Ng, Right – Jennifer Logan-Manzer



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Behind the Scenes – Real Life of a Bridal Fashion Consultant

Would love to share the good, the bad, and the ugly about our jobs as Bridal Fashion Consultants.  I have done allot of market re-search over the last 2 years with other bridal shop owners on the West Coast of British Columbia – Canada. Also studied behaviour and customer testimonials across the board with reviews.

Here are some of the write ups and challenges with our industry and Social Media Today.

  1. Everything we read on-line can be helpful or destructive to business owners.
  2. Ladies will rant about their bridal experience on line with other brides – comparing shops and giving their opinions.
  3. As a consultant – we value our expertise in the industry and we offer guidance and helpful advice. Sometimes the entourage will challenge our expertise making our jobs insignificant.
  4.  High expectations from brides to be… we understand the stress – I’m also married and have shared the experience – weddings and gowns should not be stressful. It’s about sharing your life with your significant other.
  5. Brides will often refer to it as MY wedding.. why MY wedding?? – where is your partner in this decision.
  6. Drama Brides or Bridezilla – it’s true you can say yes to the dress, but really its only a dress. The fact are you are getting married and your partner will love you for you not the dress.
  7. Dress to Impress – when did this become such a factor and approval. Why do we need opinions – it’s your dress why are so many brides asking for “approval” what you should wear.
  8. Feeling comfortable… it’s better to feel good then to look good or it’s better to look good then to feel good??
  9. Why are so many brides writing bad reviews on Social Media on all the bridal sites yes there are great reviews but you will see allot of RANTING Brides – because they had a bad experience at a bridal shop. Please say good things to those who helped you. Stressing over service goes both ways.
  10. FINAL Thoughts – remember folks no matter what dress / suit  you show up in.. it doesn’t matter what others think except your partner – life is too short to stress over the dress. #SayYesToTheDress #NoStressToTheDress #ItsJustADress


Photo of our Wedding 09/09/09  Mr. and Mrs. Logan-Manzer

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How to Buy a Wedding Gown

From a Consultants point of view…..


Photo Credit – Farawayland Wedding Photography – Lucho Berzek

When ladies are shopping for a wedding gown they do some research on-line at all the designers websites,  pinterest ,  craigslist and facebook etc…  “ON MODELS” – they have an image how they would like to look on their very special day. Realistically they want to look like the model showing the gown.. Thus Models are used frequently to showcase clothing. #Marketing 101

Tip #1 – When looking for a gown, compare your body type with the model, do you have the same shape? if not less likely it will look the same on you.

Tip #2 – When trying on gowns and you have no idea what looks good on you, try all the styles ie: Ball Gown, Mermaid, (Trumpet) (Fit-Flare) same thing, Sheath, A-Line, Empire Waist and Drop Waist.

Tip #3 – Never judge a dress on a hanger (try it on when the consultant asks you) she is a professional and knows her fashion.

Tip #4 – RULE – take pictures, what you see in the mirror is not what you see in the camera.

Tip #5 – If you are planning on loosing weight or gaining weight – don’t shop a year out. Buy off the rack 2 months before your wedding. You cannot guarantee you will loose or gain unless you hire a certified trainer to reach your goals.

Tip #6 – Don’t shop with lots of girls….too many opinions will ruin your appointment.

Tip #7 – Enjoy the moment… don’t over think –  It’s not all about the dress – it’s about you and your partner spending the rest of your lives together.

Tip #8 – Buy a veil the same time you purchase the dress, easier to style out your vision.

Tip #9 – Tie your hair in a pony or updo for your appointment – its hard work jumping in and out of dresses – and your hair will get stuck in zippers and lace back try on’s.

Tip #10 – STOP looking when you purchased your dress – no need to compare anymore.


Bridal and Fashion Consultant, Wardrobe and Photo Shoot Stylist
Jennifer Logan-Manzer

Photo Courtesy – Google Images




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Welcome to Wedding Planning

My sincere thank you’s to all those who came to our GRAND OPENING LAUNCH PARTY ❤
It’s a great start meeting new friends and expanding our bridal network. I love my job as a Bridal & Fashion Stylist and Planner and am looking forward to meeting new brides and grooms that need advice on planning your special day. Our TEAM are experts – and we respect all genders, cultures and religions – it’s all about LOVE when it comes to Marriage.

Lets connect you to the right people so we can plan your special day. If you are needing a wedding gown / brides maid dresses / suits / music / decor / photography & video / make-up and hair / catering / bridal boot camp / event planners, limo rentals etc….  – we can refer you to our TOP TALENT – we are a one stop wedding planning group and we want to WOW your WEDDING.

Contact us today for your free consultation: Lets get started ❤
Model & Public Figure – Michelle Poole
Hair and Makeup – Jasmine Lad
Dress / Jewelry / Veil – Tiffany’s Vancouver Bridal 
Stylists – Myra Miks / Jennifer Logan-Manzer
Sponsor – Theresa Hughes (Coca-Cola)
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Logan-Manzer









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#10 Tips for Budget Brides

23Ladies / Gentleman – are you on a tight budget but still want a romantic wedding??

My husband and I got married 09/09/09 – on a Wednesday

Tip 1# – Pick a day that means something special to you and yours, also your guest list will be less. Don’t worry about hurting people’s feelings that it’s not convenient for them – it’s all about love, not entertaining your guests on your expense.

Tip 2# – We did a back yard garden ceremony – no extra cost for a venue.


Tip 3# – Invitations use print master gold (DIY) / wedding favors DIY.

Tip 4# – Photographers – we explored photographers that were good but didn’t have wedding experience and they offered us a TFP = Trade for Print so they could use our photos for their up and developing website.  BTW – they are now professional wedding photographers.

Tip 5# – Dress – under $200.00 didn’t purchase from a bridal shop (but if you do look at bridal shops go off season sales), simple elegant and ivory / white. Brides maid dresses from retail shop $20.00 each. We did our own hair and make up…

Tip 6# – Food and drinks (either finger or tapa’s) so much cheaper than sit down dinners, we bottled our own wine / bought some beer and served water.

Tip 7# – Hired a friend (DJ) for the wedding, they will often give you a reasonable discount and they can be a guest as well for your wedding.

Tip 8# – Pawn shop wedding rings – something old / something new.

Tip 9# – Flower / decorations  – dollar store and DIY.

Tip 10# – Honey moon – 2 nights at a local B&B on a River Float House, no travel needed.

Remember – weddings don’t have to be a huge expense – but if you want an expensive wedding I can help you too… #BrideOnABudget



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